Balwinder Singh Powar D.P.E. (Retd.

The good health always gives us the best life which we can get from daily sports and exercises. There are 8 stages of human life according to every stage we should give the time to sports and activates as much as we can. From the begging of our childhood we should do a minimum amount of exercises and participate in minor games. Then when you get to a young age you should devote your life to more sports and exercises in order to get great results on your fitness. But in your older ages you should still try to devote your life to daily exercises and not be ashamed of exercising but continue to make up your mind to win competitions. You can see Baba Fouja Singh ji who belongs to Sikh religion and he is above 100 years in age and still runs in very long distances of cross country. More over there are many more sports men and women in various countries who give great results in various sports events. Always try to become a young citizen to solve the life problems.

Not only sports give us good health but also make us good citizens of that country where you are living with your family. Play grounds of sports are the liberties of good citizen qualities are just like this.

  1. Development of children:

Children are the main priority of every parent. Parents should try to motivate their children to participate in sports. Playing sports offer incredible benefits to the whole body. Sports help children academically, physically, mentally, and socially etc.

  1. Increase general health:

A significant benefit of sports is that it assists to increase all round personality of your health. Sports improve cardiovascular fitness while can trolling your weight and diet. In addition regularly engaging in sports can assist in increasing your overall appearance. And reduce body fat build muscles and strengthen your bones. It also improves balance coordination, endurance, and flexibility. Your internal organs as Heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, and indigestions and outer parts to like body, legs, arms, knee, back bone, and skeleton will give the normal results.

  1. Mental Development:

A healthy body means that your mind is also healthy. Actually improving in any types of sports directly translates to all important things in school. Sports can assist you in enhancing your concentration and attain goals, more over it builds confidence through both success and disappointment.

  1. Social Benefits:

Sports may assist you in learning social interaction and provide a great chance to be a part of a team in a competition you are going to rely with the new members of your team. It is highly known that you will make new friends. When you will be the best player of any major game and you have participated in the Asian games or Olympic Games or any other world level competition and you have got the top prize then you automatically get honored in the hearts of the people.

Sardar Milka Singh in athletics, Sardar. Balbir Singh Hockey, Sardar Pargat Singh Hockey, Sardar Surinder Singh Sodhi Hockey, Sardar Navjot Singh Sidhu Cricket, Sardar Harbhajan Singh Cricket, Sardar Dara Singh Wrestling, Sardar Dalip Singh Khali Wrestling(wwe) and many other personalities have changed due to sports they are doing their job in high ranks in various departments. It is all social benefits and they all belongs to Sikh religion.

  1. Away From Tension:

Playing any type of sport is a good a method to be free from tension stress and other domestic problems. Sports teach people to feel relaxation and be punctual and create peaceful situations all rounds.

  1. Enjoyable Life:

To participate in sports from the heartiest spirit of your sportsmanship then you will get enjoyable life than engaging in work outs many people can also engage in one sport and thus reap the numerous benefits of sports. If you want to spend golden life always try your best to come in sports. Try to come in playgrounds with your entire family member daily.

  1. Tolerance:

Tolerance is very important quality of human life in which you can learn also as well as you can teach in the playground according to the rules of games. You will be popular among the people and your personality will be developed. Tolerance makes a man healthy wealthy and wise and good sportsman.

  1. Development of character:

Character is a very important quality of human life. “If the money and property is lost, nothing is lost everything is ok but if the character is lost of anybody, each and everything is lost”. The life is spoiled if the character is lost, only the sports give you good character. In playgrounds the boys and girls play together. Men and Women are the organizers are also there. They give the good decisions either boy is playing or girl is playing. There are so many more reflections in sports field which put the good shadows on character. If you have any problem or disease in your body. You can medically solve it. But the character is not cured medically. You can only make it good and bright from the sports.

Noble Lauriate in medicine Dr.Lows Ignarro and Naturopathic Physician Dr Andrew Myers have an important message is “HEALTH IS WEALTH”…….By investing in your health now you provide your body with nutritional wealth in needs to support health as you age. Nutritional deficiency and disease are nothing more than a set of symptoms that can natural state of human body that can lost well in to old be reversed. Playing sports in one of the best forms of preventive medicine reducing your risk of cancers, heart disease and stroke and increasing mental well being. “Sports and Health is related, like as Hockey-Stick and Ball is related”.